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Aura Body Oil Candle

Aura Body Oil Candle

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Say hello to our uniquely blended, ‘Aura’ Body Oil Candle. Our exclusive body oil candle is made with 100% pure coconut and rapeseed wax, non-GMO and contains no synthetic fragrances. Expertly formulated to be intensely nourishing and moisturising, this candle is the perfect companion for those with dry skin. 

▪️Light, pour and massage

▪️100% natural fragrances 

▪️Nourishing oils 

▪️ Perfectly blended to create calm and tranquil environment 


How to use

Light the candle for 20 minutes, allowing the wax to liquify, then blow out before pouring. To enjoy the full calming experience, soak in a warm bath using our CÂLMA bath tea or bath melts whilst the candle creates a pool of liquid gold. 


Rapeseed and coconut wax blend, organic white beeswax, organic cold pressed coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils of vanilla, cypress, jasmine and geranium.